Fyysikkokillan häirintäyhdyshenkilöt

Hi! We are Aaro, Anna-Maija, Charlotta, Eetu, Janette, and Leo, the Guild of Physics harassment contact persons. A harassment contact person will offer you support and assistance in case of a harassment situation. They can offer conversation channels and measures to all guild members who have faced harassment in any of its forms. Harassment contact persons can be contacted by anyone – those who have either experienced harassment or witnessed it. You can also report harassment situations or general phenomena in guild activities via the form at forms.gle/z3Q8rTQSFaZnJKZv9, also anonymously if preferred.

Fyysikkokillan häirintäyhdyshenkilöt ovat tällä hetkellä:

We aim to develop the post of harassment contact person continuously, and therefore the tenure of a harassment contact person lasts preferably longer than a year. The harassment contact persons can resign at any time of the year, in which case the board of the Guild of Physics will search for and appoint a new person for the post, in collaboration with the harassment contact persons. If the same person continues in the post for over a year, the board will reappoint them at the beginning of the year. If you are interested in becoming a harassment contact person, you can contact the current ones.