Board officials descriptions

The board includes many officials which are listed below.


Chairperson is responsible for keeping the show on the road. Above all, the chairperson is a mainstay for all the board members. The chair coordinates board members and makes sure that everything gets done in time. Besides overseeing everyday actions, the chairperson is responsible for example arranging the meetings, taking care of administrative tasks and keeping in touch with the Dean, the school and other stakeholders and relevant parties.


The Treasurer is responsible of the Guild’s money and its trafic. The Treasurer sends invoices to guild members participating in activities, companies and respectively pays the bills. The Treasurer forms the annual budget in the beginning of the year, maintains bookkeeping and at the end of the year forms the financial statement.

Vice Chairperson

The vice chairperson manages the guild’s administrative tasks together with the chairperson. The most visible task of the vice chair is to write the minutes of board and guild meetings. In addition, the vice chairperson is responsible of organizing recreational events for guild officials, and makes sure that they get enough guidance for their volunteering tasks.

Communications Officer

Communications Officer sends the weekly newsletter and is responsible for maintaining and developing the Guild’s digital services. In addition, they lead the great Infojaos, the Information division. This division includes diverse roles such as ADs, photographers, reporters of the Guild magazine, and developers under the Tech Support team.

Master of Corporate relations

The Master of Corporate relations is in charge of the Guild’s the company relationships. In practice, this means organizing excursions to companies and raising funds in the form of sponsorship. The Master of Corporate relations also organizes career events and sends career information to the members of the Guild. Furthermore, all this is organised with the help of Corporate relations committee.

Master of Studies

The Master of Studies represents the interests of the guild members in university-level administrative bodies as well as coordinates study tutors and the study division. The study division consists of the Study Adjutant (who supports the Master of Studies in various tasks), the previous Master of Studies and an abi committee that markets the Engineering Physics and Mathematics and Quantum Technology study programmes to high schoolers.

International Captain

International Captain takes care of the new exchange and master students, and organizes international events for the Guild. Together with the international BIGs, he or she makes sure that international students feel welcome in guild events, and helps them in practical matters. International Captain leads the Outer division, which manages Guild’s relationships with associations outside of Otaniemi.

Host & Hostess – IE

The host and hostess, more commonly known as IE, are primarily responsible for organizing events of the guild of Physics. IE’s job is not just cooking, but also scheduling, budgeting, decorating, communicating in many different directions, managing the guild warehouse. IE also leads sisätoimikunta, sisis, that helps them in many aspects of their work.

Master of Leisure

Master of Leisure is in charge of the Guild’s well-being activities, for example sauna, game and movie nights. These events are organized with the help of Hottis, committee of leisure. Hottis includes apprentices of leisure, sports coordinators and culture coordinators. In addition, Master of Leisure is in charge of the guild room along with guild room coordinators.

Fuksi Captains

The Fuksi Captains, are responsible for everything fuksi related in the guild. The Fuksi Captains organize events for fuksis and makes sure that they feel welcome. Their job is to introduce the fuksis to the Teekkari culture, the Aalto community and the guild. The Fuksi Captains are helped by the BIGs and the Fuksi Committee.