If you want to give feedback from courses, you have suggestions on how to improve them or any other ideas, feel free to contact Guild’s Master of Studies. If you need advice on planning your studies you can also contact the Studies Consultants of SCI or study services

Finnish language bachelor’s programme (Teknillinen fysiikka ja matematiikka) guidance is available via study coordinator Suvi Saviniemi. Contacts by @aalto.fi -email to opiskelijapalvelut@aalto.fi.

Master’s programmes (Engineering Physics and Mathematics and Operations Research) guidance is available via study affairs secretary Nina Vainikka and planner Emma Perilä. Contacts by @aalto.fi -email to studentservices@aalto.fi.

English language bachelor’s programme (Quantum Technology) guidance is available via study coordinator Hanne-Maaria Hirvonen and planner Elsa Kivi-Koskinen. Contacts by @aalto.fi -email to bsc.tech@aalto.fi.