The sales of guild products is coordinated by the treasurer. Products can be bought from all members of the board whenever you happen to see them at the guild room. In case you wish to buy something at a certain time, contact the board.

Currently available products:

Overall badges: We have various overall badges, certainly something for everyone.
Price: 2.5€/pc.; 10€/5 pcs

Guild ribbon: All members of the guild are eligible to wear the guild ribbon.
Price: 1€/0.5m

The songbook Fiisut: The Guild of Physics songbook which serves pleasurable singing moments. Includes songs in various languages.
Price: 12€

Pocket flask: Leather-covered pocket flask with encarved Guild of Physics logo.
Price: 10€

Scarf: A long and warm scarf in the Guild’s colors, keeping the Finnish winter at bay.
Price: 18€

Guild history book: Seventy years of our guild’s history in one book (in Finnish).
Price: 10€

Belt for Overalls: Inspired by the guild ribbon.
Price: 10 €