“Kiltis” or more officially, the guild room, is the Guild of Physics’ living room. You can spend time there between lectures or at the end of the day and chill, study or chat with other guild members. The Kiltis is open for all guild members. You are most welcome to visit for your first or hundredth time!

The Kiltis is located in the corridor on the Otakaari side of the Learning Hub near the 24h entrance. The guild room is open during the building’s opening hours and otherwise accessible with a key, which can be found for example from the Guild’s board members or the guild room Masters. Guild members can also apply for extended access (7-22, Mon-Sun) by following these steps:

1. First register your HSL-card or badge at
2. From the same address click Start a new request -> physical access to special zones -> Otakaari 1 Physics Guild Members -> Add to cart
3. Contact person: the Guild’s current Chairperson

The guild room is taken care of by the guild room Masters and guild room officials, feel free to contact them with anything concerning the guild room.


Everyone cleans their own mess in the guild room. Once or twice a month it is usually necessary to carry out a bigger cleaning operation in the guild room. In these cases the guild room Masters and Officials organize a deep clean with the help of enthusiastic volunteers. The guild room cleaning events are announced on the guild’s information channel. Other guild members are encouraged to stay away during the cleaning so as not to get in the way, allowing the deep clean to take place smoothly.

Furniture is maintained according to the guild room committee’s and guild members’ enthusiasm. Decor is changed during guild room deep cleans or when new items are donated for the guild’s use.

Information Technology

The guild room is home to four computers that are maintained by Aalto’s IT services, where both Windows and Linux OSs are available. There are also two computers in the guild room’s lounge which are dedicated to gaming and other free time activities. One of the computers (so called Pentis-machine) is equipped with a CRT monitor and a mechanical keyboard to give you the optimal Pentis experience. Pentis is an esteemed and traditional game within the Guild of Physics. The second computer runs Windows 10 and includes all the programmes that come with it.

There is also a scanner in the study area and the lounge has a projector and a Nintendo Switch console. The guild’s Tech Support team is responsible for maintaining the guild’s gadgets and you can also write to them about anything concerning the guild room’s tech.


There is a bookshelf in the guild room holding several copies of course books which are at the disposal of the guild’s members. If there is an important course book missing from the guild room, you can contact the guild’s Master of Studies. In the guild room you can also find guild papers and the best magazine of all, the Guild of Physics’ own, Kvantti. Additionally, you can also find a copy of every publication that is released annually such as the guild’s Freshmen guides and yearbook.

Food related facilities

A fridge, microwave and stove are useful for storing and warming your own snacks when the days get long. You can also buy small snacks from the guild’s storecupboard. There is also a Sodastream, coffee machine, and kettle in the guild room, as well as tea, coffee and flavoured water for the Sodastream. Guild members can make coffee and tea as well as use the Sodastream to their hearts’ content without needing to pay. You are welcome to store your own mug in the guild room, but it is worth putting your name on it. OBS! The guild room is NOT a place for afterparties. No alcohol or other intoxicants are allowed.