Congratulations on your study place new freshmen! 

There is a Facebook-group for students starting in 2019, which we hope all new students will join. Each new student will receive a freshmen alpha-beta-gamma, in other words, the Guild of Physics’ ABC, at the beginning of August, which contains useful information about the start of the Autumn term, your studies, the Guild of Physics and Teekkari Culture. If you have not received the guild’s ABC by the middle of August, please contact your Freshmen Captain as soon as possible. If you were accepted in 2018 for example, but have taken a gap year,  for example due to military service, then you are also entitled to receive this year’s Freshmen Guide. The Freshmen Guide can be found at the bottom of this page. 

You can contact the Freshman Captain with any questions regarding your Freshman year either by email or phone. The Freshman Captain’s contact details can be found on the left side of this page.

The Guild of Physics and Freshmen

The Guild of Physics is one of Aalto University’s student Union’s (AYY) special sub-associations. The guild organises a range of free time activities for its members as well as advocating their student rights within the university, takes care of maintaining connections with other students of the same field throughout Finland and aims to take care of it’s students’ wellbeing. All of the guild’s activities are based on the voluntary work of its members, founded from the good will of teekkari traditions and a spirit of achieving things together. 

In the Guild of Physics, Freshmen are taken care of by the Freshman Captain, together with the Tutor Coordinator and the tutors. These people make up the guild’s Freshmen division. On the AYY level, Freshmen development is taken care of by the Freshmen Committee, FTMK, which is made up of all of Otaniemi’s Freshman Captains. The Freshmen Committee is lead by Jere Vänskä.

Freshman Captain

The Freshman Captain is in the guild to support its freshmen. The Freshman Captain’s tasks include everything in the guild that has to do with its first year students. Freshmen meet their Captain on their first day at university and the Freshman Captain closely accompanies the freshmen throughout their first year of studies. If Freshmen have any questions, they can always contact their captain. The Freshman Captain is best reached by email, but you can of course also call.

Freshmen Groups and Tutors

Physics Freshmen are divided into freshmen groups before the beginning of the school year, these groups also include tutors and student tutors. Tutors are usually second year students and student tutors usually a bit older. The tutors guide their Freshmen through the first days and show them Otaniemi as well as how things work in Aalto and on campus. Just like with the Freshman Captain, first year students can also direct any questions that come to mind to the tutors and student tutors. Tutors organise a number of get togethers and activities throughout the year where their own groups and others can get to know each other and spend time together.

Student tutors are there to provide advice for Freshmen with a special focus on study related topics. The student tutors have a lot of experience studying due to their older academic age and can provide useful guidance on issues related to course choices, course content and workload for example. Student tutors arrange relaxed meetings in which it is possible to talk about the studies. Each freshman group has a teacher tutor in addition to their student tutor. Meetings with the teacher tutor offer you the opportunity to get to know the teaching staff at the university as well as ask anything about your studies.

Freshmen Points Card

At the beginning of the Autumn term, freshmen are given a Freshmen Points Card on which the points collected in the first year are recorded. Freshmen who have collected enough points on their card are entitled to receive their Teekkarilakki on the potentially organised Wappu. Points are collected from several categories, which include getting to know the Teekkari Culture, study related events and a range of voluntary activities within the guild or outside, just to mention a few. Filling out the Points Card is a great way to familiarise oneself with everything that Aalto University, AYY, the guilds and Otaniemi have to offer to their students. 

The Freshmen Points Cards are handed out during the orientation week on the first day at Kiljava. If a Freshman is unable to make it to Kiljava, they can get their Points Card from the Freshman Captain later on request. The points are verified by the Freshman Captain and you can always ask the Captain about the points. There is no need to worry too much about getting the points, by joining in and finding something that interests you, you will be sure to have points coming at you from every direction!