Sign-up cancellation and liability for damages -policies

Canceling a sign-up

If the event has an attendance fee, the sign-up will become binding when the sign-up time ends. If you realize after this that you cannot attend the event, you can try to find someone who could take your place at the event. 

It is recommended to look for a substitute participant from the queue, if there is one. However, it is the canceller’s responsibility to find a replacement, so other means may be used. However, in Telegram channels, the preferred way to swap places should be for the canceller to announce an available place, which the fastest person can announce to take. It is neither desirable nor good practice to ask for places in advance on the guild’s Telegram channels.

Even if you cannot find a replacement, it is always a good idea to inform the organiser before the event that you cannot make it, even for free events. This is particularly important for excursions. The number of participants has been communicated to the company in advance, and if the number of participants is lower, it will make the guild look worse, which will have an impact on the guild’s sponsorship income. Failure to give notice may result in denial of admission to the guild’s next two excursions, including domestic and foreign excursions, on a case-by-case basis.

If you don’t find someone who can take your place, you most likely have to pay the attendance fee. This is because the budgets of events are planned with a specific number of attendees in mind, and thus a large number of cancellations might cause extra costs to other participants or the guild. However, the board will consider each case individually on an event by event basis, and it is possible that in some events you don’t have to pay the attendance fee, if you’ve had to cancel your participation. Doctor’s certificate doesn’t exempt one from paying the fee.

If you have any questions about the attendance fees, you can always contact

Liability for damages

Sometimes accidents happen, and something might get broken/dirty. If something breaks by accident in the guild room, when on loan, or at an event, usually compensation is not required. Especially when acting as a volunteer the guild almost always pays the compensation. 

If you need to rent or borrow something (e.g. a van) with an excess over 300e, the rental must be agreed with the board. In addition, in general, the guild will purchase a service to reduce the excess, unless otherwise agreed. If the rental has not been agreed with the board, any compensation for damage will in principle be the responsibility of the renter or lender.

However, if a guild member has by means of intentional or blatant inappropriate/indifferent behavior caused substantial financial damage, a compensation may be charged from them. Intoxication does not exempt one from the compensation. The board decides on the compensation on a case by case basis. In these compensation is aimed to be a reasonable amount, and the guild may for example take care of a part of the compensation.

If you have any questions, you can always be in contact with the board