Oh lord it’s hard to be humble,
when you are perfect in every way…

Start of the Physicist hymn

The Guild of Physics is a non-profit organization that provides a wide range of activities for its members. Career-wise the Guild offers an excellent connection between talented students and companies.

Engineering Physics and Mathematics students are talented problem solvers with exceptional analytical skills and drive to learn more. As this study program is one of the most demanding ones in Finland, the students are trained to deal with even the most complex and abstract problems faced today and in the future. The students are most commonly employed as data engineers, management consultants or researchers dealing with the most challenging tasks.

The purpose of the corporate relations is to provide the students with a good understanding of their future possibilities. For enterprises this gives a superior chance of gaining positive reputation among students who are potential future workers.

The most common forms of collaboration are listed below. The Master of Corporate relations is more than happy to provide further information and assistance to help you and your business find the most suitable forms of collaboration.

Guild's career mail list

The email reaches up to 600 students every week. This is a great way to advertise your job openings and recruitment related events directly to the Guild members.

The Guild of Physics Partners

Being a Partner of the Guild is an easy way of obtaining wide logo visibility and the most common forms of collaboration in the same package. The partner deal includes a premium excursion, 2 invites to the annual ball and the chance of selecting between participating in the Guild’s career night, logo visibility in the annual ball and an advert in the student’s overalls.

The Partner deal also includes logo visibility on the Guild’s web page, at the Guild room and prioritized adverts on the mail list.

Advertising in the students' overalls

An advert in the overalls is a great way of achieving positive and fun visibility within the Guild’s students as well as other students. The overalls are used especially during the first years but also later during the studies. Adverts in our overalls make them stand out of all other white overalls and students widely remember the adverts as they start to think about career possibilities.

Career night

The Guild of Physics Career night is a lately reshaped concept in which the students and employers meet in a relaxed environment. The event starts with brief company presentation and continues with organized ‘speed dating’ with quality dinner and drinks. The Career night is held twice a year, both in the autumn and in January during the busiest summer job season.


Excursions are a great way of presenting a company and letting students learn more about the companies organizational culture as well as job possibilities in practice. Excursions can have long lasting positive effects in terms of company reputation. There are different types of excursions but commonly the excursion starts with an activity or presentation and continues with the so called unofficial part with mingling and usually food and drinks.

Annual ball

The most formal and valued event of the year is the annual ball Fusion which is held yearly in mid-March. Visibility or other kind of sponsorship in the event is widely recognized especially within the older Guild members. By sponsoring the event you also have a chance of participating in the event. The forms of collaboration vary from toasts to the main sponsorship of each part of the event.

Sittings and other events

Occasionally the guild provides a possibility of sponsoring sittings and other events. This might be organizing a lottery, logo visibility or anything that just suits the event. This is a great way of gaining a bit different kind of visibility among the students.

Physicist Spex

Every second year, the odd ones, the Guild comes up with a special show – an own Spex. This is a partly inspirational musical theater show with a physicist twist. There are usually over 80 participants building, planning and executing the Spex and around 1200 seats are sold to the shows. Sponsorship in the Spex can include logo visibility or even a specifically customized acted advert. The Physicist Spex is also performed in English which makes it currently the best, first and only bilingual Spex! In addition to the Finnish shows the production is also performed in English and also in Stockholm.