If you have made any purchases relating to the Guild’s activities, like bought food for the Guild’s sauna evening or paid a rental fee to AYY to some of the Guild’s events, you can get your money easily back using the expense compensation. In general, you have to get an approval from your closest Board member before making any purchases for the Guild, or before you use your personal car for the Guild’s purposes (these expenses can also in some cases be compensated). This is to make sure that there won’t be any unpleasant surprises for either the Guild or yourself, and you’ll be able to get your money back.

The electric expense compensation form can be found here.

Instructions in short:

  • Fill in your name, bank account number, and a short summary about the expenses’ reason (e.g. Guild’s sauna evening’s foods etc.)
  • Scan the receipt of your purchase using a scanner or a mobile phone’s scanning app, and attach it to the form as a PDF-file. Make sure that your receipt is in readable condition.
  • If you made a purchase online, attach the receipt as well as a certificate of the payment from your online bank service.
  • List the receipt’s contents and sum. If you payed in cash, round the sum to the closest 5 cents (0,05 euros).
  • If there are your personal purchases on the receipt, specify them clearly in the description of the receipt and calculate the reimbursable amount.

Special cases

Travel expenses: Travel reimbursements should still be submitted using the traditional form until the electronic version is completed. The form below can be filled out using a PDF editor and sent to the treasurer via Telegram. The guild’s mileage reimbursement for the year 2024 is 0.25 €.

The form can be found here (in Finnish).

Travel tickets: HSL travel tickets can be reimbursed by the guild. Remember to justify the purpose and time of your trip.

Tori.fi purchases: If you purchase a used item, for example, from Tori.fi or another marketplace service, you can verify the transaction with a handwritten receipt. Please include details such as what was sold, the names of the seller and buyer, and their signatures.

Meeting budget: All divisions of the Guild of Physics can make use of the meeting budget. The budget is €2 per on-site participant and covers food and drinks only. Please also attach the minutes of the meeting or at least a list of participants and the topic of the meeting when claiming reimbursement from the meeting budget.

Project budget: Before utilizing the project budget, the person using it must first obtain approval from the board. The board grants a specific amount that can be utilized. When seeking reimbursement from the project budget, remember to include, for example, a photo or social media post from an event where the project was presented or utilized.

Fuksi group budget: Each fuksi group has a budget of €25 in the fall and €25 in the spring. Remember to use it!

Alcohol: Finnish alcohol can be reimbursed and served at events. Alcohol purchased elsewhere cannot be reimbursed.

Annual ball representations: For AYY special status associations and SFMO member associations, the reimbursable amount is 75% of the ticket price. For other associations, the reimbursable amount is 50% of the ticket price. When seeking reimbursement for annual ball representations, the invitation, a whole email confirmation of registration (by transforming the email in to a pdf) and a picture of payment, such as a screenshot from online banking, are required. You should reimburse the representation only after it has happened.

Lost receipt (?!): If you lose your receipt, please contact the treasurer @rahaministeri.

Reimbursable maximum amounts may change annually according to the approved budget. The above instructions apply to the calendar year 2024.