If you have made any purchases relating to the Guild’s activities, like bought food for the Guild’s sauna evening or paid a rental fee to AYY to some of the Guild’s events, you can get your money easily back using the expense compensation. In general, you have to get an approval from your closest Board member before making any purchases for the Guild, or before you use your personal car for the Guild’s purposes (these expenses can also in some cases be compensated). This is to make sure that there won’t be any unpleasant surprises for either the Guild or yourself, and you’ll be able to get your money back.

The electric expense compensation form can be found here (in Finnish).

Instructions in short:

  • Fill in your name, bank account number, and a short summary about the expenses’ reason (e.g. Guild’s sauna evening’s foods etc.)
  • Scan the receipt of your purchase using a scanner or a mobile phone’s scanning app, and attach it to the form as a PDF-file. Make sure that your receipt is in readable condition.
  • If you made a purchase online, attach the receipt as well as a certificate of the payment from your online bank service.
  • List the receipt’s contents and sum. If you payed in cash, round the sum to the closest 5 cents (0,05 euros).

Traveling Expenses

You have to make travel expanse compensations using a paper form. An electric form will be released during 2019. The Guild’s compensation per kilometer is 0,25 euros for 2019.

The form can be found here (in Finnish).

Fill all the form’s sections neatly by hand and return it to the postbox at the Guild room, or to one of the Board members.

Orders/sponsorships from companies

Incoming bills to the Guild can be sent in mail to the following address: Fyysikkokilta / PL 69 / 02151 Espoo. Alternatively, you can send them to the Guild’s Treasurer’s email: rahastonhoitaja@fyysikkokilta.fi. Please agree on orders or sponsorships beforehand with one of the Board members.

The Guild’s banking account number is FI12 6601 0001 0618 94. In urgent matters, you can make a transfer there using the reference number 314. When deciding on a company’s sponsorship, please be in touch with the Board and the Guild’s Treasurer, so that the transfers can be agreed upon appropriately.