You can become a regular member of the Guild of Physics, if you belong to AYY, the Aalto University Student Union. In other cases, you can join the Guild as an orthogonal, or supporting member. As per the rules of the Guild, orthogonal members must be interested in the activities of the guild, but membership of AYY is not required. Supporting members must be willing to support the Guild and its purposes. All the different memberships have the same rights, the only exception being the right to vote at the Guild’s official meetings, which is reserved only for regular members.

Once you have decided what kind of a member you wish to become, pay the Guild’s annual membership fee, which is 10 € for regular and orthogonal members, and 25 € for supporting members for the academic year 2024-2025. You should make the payment through

The Board decides whether a person will be granted the Guild membership. Traditionally, those wishing to join the Guild have presented the Board with some sort of performance or present, which shows their desire to become members. New freshmen who start their studies in autumn are usually all accepted at once in the Membership meeting to be members of the Guild.

Graduating members of the Guild may apply orthogonal or supporting member status after their graduation. This can be done by contacting the Board of the Guild.

If you are unable to use for some reason, please contact the treasurer for additional instructions.

The member register document based on the governing laws can be found as a pdf-file under the Guild’s data protection documents (in Finnish).