Quantum Technology (QT) is a study programme founded in 2019. The courses are taught in English and offer a balanced mix of quantum physics, mathematics and programming. These areas of study play well together and give the required skills and knowledge to work and specialize in the field of quantum technology. QT studies are challenging yet incredibly rewarding.

“I definitely have been enjoying it so far. The course work might be challenging at times but there’s always help around, either from the course assistants or even just from discussing the work with your peers. It is a tight-knit community here, so it helps a lot in motivating oneself to keep on pushing.”

Check out also the introduction text for Engineering Physics and Mathematics here. A lot of what is written there also applies to Quantum Technology studies.

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QT students in the guild

The Guild of Physics is the home for Quantum Technology students, and all guild events are aimed at both TFM and QT students. So, to all new quantum fuksis: welcome to the Guild!