Fuusio 77

The 77th anniversary of Guild of Physics will be celebrated on Saturday 16.3.!

Fuusio will be celebrated this year on Saturday 16 March in a sparkling atmosphere, as guild members and invited guests are transported to a world of mythical creatures and magnificent pillar structures in Ancient Greece in the finest celebration of the guild year. Fuusio 77 will be celebrated with appropriate dignity, but without forgetting the fun, and the dress code for the party will be tailcoat or an evening dress with academic badges.

Fuusio & Fuusio brunch

Timetable of the day:

14:30 Cocktail-event, lower lobby of the A-wing of the Aalto University Candidate Centre (Otakaari 1X, Espoo)

18:00 Main party, Event house Bank (Unioninkatu 20, 00130 Helsinki)

23:00 After party, paikka X

Fuusio sillis brunch will be held on Sunday 17 March at 12:00 in the upper and lower floors of Otakaari 20.

The cost of the party is 120€ for students and 135€ for graduates. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to buy a sillis brunch ticket for 20€


Registration for invited guests is open from 5th to 18th of February and registration takes place on the Kide.app.

Registration for guild members is open from 19th to 26th of February and registration is done in the same way as for invitees in the Kide.app.

Fuusio 77 shortly

What? Annual ball of Guild of Physics Fuusio 77

Where? Cocktail-party: 1X Otakaari, main event: Event House Bank, After party in location X ja sillis brunch in OK20!

When? Fuusio on Saturday16.3. and Fuusio sillis brunch on Sunday 17.3.

How much does it cost? 120€ (student) / 135€ (graduated) + sillis brunch 20€

Any questions or further information can be asked via telegram @juliavirtanen and @Iceman_topgun1 or email julia.virtanen@fyysikkokilta.fi and emma.tonteri@fyysikkokilta.fi