Officials descriptions

Event Division


Butler help the Hosts and/or Hostesses of the Guild in organizing most of the events. Together hosts and/or hostesses for form Event commitee which is better known by it’s Finnish abbreviation Sisis. The committee usually consists of about a dozen people.

Butlers usually do the same things as the Hosts and/or Hostesses. The main difference is the responsibility that is carried by the Host-Hostess pair. The planning and logistics is mainly taken care by the Hosts and/or Hostesses, but the pair usually is happy to get any help available.

Among other things, butlers act as cooks and waiters/waitresses at almost every sitsit and help out with other basic stuff. As a butler, you get to see how it all gets done, from the set up to the cleaning after the afterparty. Year as a butler is an excellent opportunity to take a sneak peak to the “backstage” of parties. You’ll also learn many useful skills like cooking and waiting service skills. After all, being a butler is all about having fun – the best party is in the kitchen.


The songmaster is in charge of all songleaders and songleader novices of the Guild. He/she makes sure that there is always enough people leading the singing at the Guild’s parties. At the same time, the songmaster supports and, if need be, provides constructive feedback to their underlings, and makes sure that the Guild’s freshmen accumulate enough singing skills during their first year.

The other important part of the Songmaster is representing the guild in AYY’s committee for all Songmasters, Lukkaritoimikunta, Lutku. Lukkaritoimikunta is in charge of every guild’s Songleaders’ joint-seminars, the singing in some of the larger Polytechnical parties, and the through-singing of the traditional Red (songbook).


Songleaders are the upholders of Teekkari singing culture in the Guild. They make sure there’s enough singing at the Guild’s parties, prepare the song sheets, and on their part make sure that each party stays on schedule, and the mood stays on the roof all through the night! Besides Sitsit, the songleaders are also working during the Guild’s annual ball, and they organize the traditional singing sauna for freshmen each autumn before the academic year’s first Sitsit.

Songleaders should have an audible voice, some level of singing ability and preferably above average knowledge of Teekkari songs – although the last one can be developed during the songleader year by leveraging the experience of older songleaders. Wit and ability to think on ones feet are also assets when coming up with funny jokes and one-liners, since there will be loads of requests for singing during the parties, and these occasions must always be setup by the songleaders. Songleader is a great post for those wishing to develop their presentation skills in front of large, but really well-wishing audiences.

Songleaders never have to lead the singing alone, and most often there are three or four songleaders at each party. It is expected that each songleader will attend at least two Sitsit during the year, where they will lead the singing together with other songleaders present.

Songleader novices

Songleader novices are the little helpers of songleaders when it comes to leading the singing. What this actually means depends on each novice’s motivation and interests. In some cases songleader novices can take as much role during parties as full-fledged song leaders, but it’s also possible that novices only lead one or two songs with pre-prepared jokes at each party.

Songleader novice’s post is made for those who want to develop, and learn new songs and jokes for the future Sitsit and songleading duties to come. Novices are not required to lead the singing in any set number of Sitsit during the year, so applying for this post is quite pressure-free. However, novices should attend at least one Sitsit each year together with the Guild’s other songleaders and songleader novices.


DJ is responsible for the music played at the Guild’s events. Most of the work focuses on the afterparties of a Sitsit. There are not too strict rules for the execution, and actual record spinning or mixing skills are not requirements. The most important attribute is the willingness to provide the Guild members’ ears with better music. Sometimes the DJ gets to be more creative and choose more special pieces for playing, but often they also have to listen to their audience, and just stick with playing basic pop music. Compiling playlists is often enough, but in larger parties it is desirable to hold live performances. There will be plenty of opportunities for taking stage during the numerous Sitsit and the annual balls.

N coordinator

N coordinator takes care of the Guild members who are on their Nth year of studies by planning events for them such as Karaoke nights and Sitsit.

The Grand Master of the Order of Malts

The Grand Master will be chosen from amongst the Order’s esteemed knights annually. The Grand Master is nominated as a guild official for acting as the communication link between the Guild and the Order.

Fusion coordinators

Would you like to arrange an unforgettable party for over a hundred guild members and other invited guests? Would you be interested in being part of selecting either the theme, venue or food and drinks of the greatest party of the year? If you said yes, Fusion coordinator is just the role for you!

Fusion coordinator get to plan and create the greatest and the most beautiful physicist party. Fusion coordinators are responsible of everything, including transportation, foods, drinks, program and timetables – and most importantly, the budget. Earlier experience in event planning and organizational skills helps but are not necessary.

Fusion coordinators are selected during summer or at latest in beginning of fall semester, so that the chosen ones will have enough time to plan and arrange the Fusion according to the Fusion guideline, i.e. preferably on Saturday, as close to Albert Einstein’s birthday (14.3) as possible. For Fusion75, a separate committee was also recruited.

Welfare Division


HOTHOTHOT leads Hottis (Committee of wellbeing) in close co-operation with the master of leisure, acting as their right hand. The division of work between HOTHOTHOT and the master of leisure can be decided by the pair. The role of HOTHOTHOT is still very new, so each HOTHOTHOT can decide in which direction they want to take the position. As a committee leader, HOTHOTHOT gets to use and develop their skills as a group leader and a divider of responsibilities.

Apprentice of Leisure

Apprentices of Leisure volunteer in the committee of wellbeing (Hottis), headed by the master of leisure. Hottis organizes the Guild’s relaxation and well-being events, such as relaxation saunas, movie and game nights, and smaller Guild room activities.

Hottis’ events don’t usually follow any formula that is set in stone, and each year’s committee gets to do their own thing and organize their own-looking events. An expection to the rule are relaxation saunas, which Hottis organizes every exam week. Besides organizing events, as an Apprentice of Leisure you’ll also get to take part in the planning and brain-storming of these same events. Hottis collaborates with the Guild’s Sports and Culture coordinators, and thus all Apprentices of Leisure also have the chance to take a more sporty or cultural emphasis on their post.

Guildroom coordinator

Guild room coordinator leads the Guild room committee, that is, calls the committee’s meetings and keeps the lines of communication open between the committee, the Master of Leisure, and the board.of the Guild. The Guild room coordinator works closely with the school’s personnel in charge of the premises with regards to all items concerning the Guild room.

As a Guild room coordinator, you’ll get to influence how the Guild room evolves. The room is in heavy use, so it needs constant maintenance and care. The Guild room coordinator is also in charge of new furniture purchases. Also, the coordinator must make sure that the shared rules for using the room are up to date using their own judgement.

Guild room novice

Guild room novices are responsible for developing the Guild room’s furniture, coziness and functionality, as well as the room’s supply of coffee, tea, and snacks. There’s always something to be done at the Guild room, which makes the Guild room novice post suitable for those who like to spend ample amounts of time there. The room can be developed in many ways, and thus there is a need for a wide variety of skills in the Guild room committee. Whether you’re interested in the digital solutions, interior design, or just evolving the snack cabinet’s offering, the Guild room novice is the post for you!

Sports coordinator

Sports coordinators make sure that the other guild members won’t get stuck in their tracks. Sports coordinators’ main responsibility is gathering guild members for the different sports events, such as football and floor ball games, and organizing fun try-outs of new sports according to their own interests and imagination.

Kohellus coordinator

Kohellus (direct translation: Hassle) coordinator leads the Guild’s sports teams. Based on the guild members’ wishes, Kohellus coordinator allocates the available funds between different sports, decides which sports leagues the Guilds teams will be part of, and what kinds of playing sessions will be organized. Kohellus coordinator signs the team up for the league, and is responsible for communicating the coming games to guild members.

Culture coordinator

The main focus in the Culture coordinators’ post is organizing cultural events. Again, there are no strict guidelines, but most often the Guild’s cultural excursions have been focused towards museums, opera, Musiikkitalo, and interesting plays. Culture coordinators’ main job is to provide other guild members with numerous differing cultural treats.


ManManMan is in charge of all running things concerning ManMan, such as booking training sessions, performances, schedules, budget, music and choreography, ManManMan is not alone with his/her tasks, but he/she carries most of the responsibility. Last but not least, ManManMan should strive towards creating positive atmosphere both to the training sessions as well as performances. ManMan is THE place to have fun!

ManManMan is typically chosen from amongst the dance group, which you can join by contacting the current ManManMan!


FiilisCoordinator acts as the chair of FiilisTeam and its contact to the board. FiilisCoordinator organizes the team’s meetings, and gets to influence which topics the team wants to cover. Because FiilisTeam is still a new committee, FiilisCoordinator has free reign to take the role and the team to the direction they see fit. This can be, for example, event organizing, social media campaigns or sparkig discussions in other ways in the guild.


FiilisTeam is a committee founded in 2019 to enhance wellfare and wellbeing related issues in the guild. FiilisTeam plan their agenda each year, which makes it easy to affect the thing that you are mot interested.


Kondomori (rough translation condomer) is responsible for the guild member’s sexual health and wellbeing. They can do this by, for example, writing articles to Kvantti or by ordering condoms for guild members to enjoy.

Information Division

Editor-in-chief of Kvantti

The editor-in-chief carries the most responsibility related to the Guild’s magazine, Kvantti. The chief gathers Kvantti’s reporters to plan each magazine’s theme and what kind of pieces will be written and published. The chief is in charge of the schedule and has to make sure that every piece gets written in time, which can be facilitated by organizing joint-sessions for writing and designing the next number’s layout. Also, the editor-in-chief manages that the magazine gets printed and sent to the designated addresses. The chief also has Kvantti’s websites under their maintenance.

The post might sound daunting, but an enthusiastic spirit and the ability to get other’s inspired carries a long way. Maintaining a good spirit amongst the reporters and people taking care of the magazine’s layout is important, as the better the reporters get along, the more and better pieces will get written to the magazine. The editor-in-chief’s post takes quite a bit of time, and they are sometimes required to put a little pressure on the reporters, so that the pieces get made on time. Last but not least, the editor-in-chief may take part in the activities of PääTMK, the committee for every guild magazines editors-in-chief.

Reporter of Kvantti

Reporters of Kvantti plan and realize each magazine together with their editor-in-chief. Together, they decide how often will they meet to write and design articles. Reporters can also write their pieces independently, and their voices carry a lot of weight when deciding what kind of items will be printed – not everything is in the editor-in-chiefs hands! The willingness and skill to write are desirable attributes for reporters, but the ability to collaborate with the rest of the people behind Kvantti, and wild ideas are equally important! Some reporters can also dedicate themselves for developing Kvantti’s websites, and writing online articles.

Besides writers, the magazine need skillful layout designers and artists, so if you can handle any software for doing so or you are interested in learning to do so, Kvantti is the right place for you!


The Art director (AD) can let the his/her artsiness fly, as they get to design posters for the Guild’s upcoming events and other graphics based on the Guild’s needs. The art director’s job description contains multiple aspects, and it can include for instance helping with the guild magazine Kvantti’s layout, or planning the visual outlook of the annual ball. This post is the perfect way of getting your design printed to paper and visible for all of the world to see!


Photographers collect the Guild’s memories through photography. Photographers are mostly needed in the Guild’s larger events in order for those to be preserved in the pages of history. They are also responsible for editing the photos and sending them to the gallerist to be uploaded to the Guild’s photo gallery. The gallery can be found here.


Gallerists help the guild’s photographers process images and maintain the guild’s galleries. This role is made for you if you wish to maintain the quality of photos in guild posts and advertisements. Gallerists get to work with everyone, which makes it easy to affect the things that interest you the most.


The archivist is responsible for the Guild’s archives, located at Otaranta. The archive houses for instance the Guild’s old annual reports, letters, and other artifacts which have been deemed suitable for archiving.  In the role of archivist it helps to have some experience of the history of the guild, which easens the selection of material to be archived. Yet, the excitement is the key in this role.

Guild Mercher

The Guild Merchers help the Board with ordering new guild merch, especially clothes branded with the Guild’s logo. Tasks can include communicating with the company, asking for offers, developing the merch selection, design and distributing the merch to guild members.

Social Media Influencer

The Social Media Influencer is in charge of the Social Media Team, and is also tasked with managing the guild’s social media strategy. The person holding this post has a lot of influence over how the Guild of Physics is seen around campus, amongst companies, and potential future applicants of the Engineering Physics and Mathematics and Quantum Technology study programmes.

Social Media Team

The Social Media Team is in charge of the Guild’s presence in its chosen social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. The Guild’s Instagram feed’s updating is amongst the most important tasks, as well as reminding event organizers to take pictures, so that these along with the event’s atmosphere can be shared for all to see and feel.


The Tiktoker is responsible for maintaining the Guild’s TikTok account. They produce content and upload it. Tiktoker is also part of the Social Media Team.

Tech support

Tech Supports are the software developers of the Guild. Tech Supports’ actions can include Guild’s computers’ maintenance, developing the existing Telegram bots and web-based applications, or small-scale electronics tinkering at the guild room. You can take as much responsibility as you wish and have the time for in this post. A few more experienced member of the tech support team coordinate the activities together with the Communications Officer.


Translators help other volunteers by translating, for example, event advertisements, news, and texts on this website into English. Translators are especially needed when it comes to translating long texts.


Badgers help other volunteers in the guild with issues related to designing and ordering overall badges. Badgers can also progress badge culture in other ways, for example by organizing events.

Foreign Relations Division

Guild contact person of TEK

The trade union coordinator is responsible for maintaining and developing collaboration between the guild and TEK (Tekniikan Akateemiset – Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland), which is a trade union for engineering graduates. TEK offers its members several services, such as magazines and guides, work-related counselling, and career, recruitment and internationalization opportunities. Additionally, members of TEK also enjoy a wide insurance coverage.

Traditionally the post includes promoting TEK and its services, preparing statements and staying in contact with TEK. However, you are rather free to come up with your own projects, which TEK is often willing to support both financially and otherwise. Recruiting guild members to join TEK, however, is not part of the job.

To be a guild contact person requires no special skills, other than excited attitude. TEK organizes a training for the new coordinators and also offers a wide variety of fun activities from bowling to beach volley. The role doesn’t take much time as the main responsibilities are limited to holding a couple of marketing speeches in selected events.

Alumni coordinator

Physics Alumni of Aalto University is an association for the graduated physicists. The association arranges interesting physicist-minded event to its members. Collaboration of the guild and the alumni is naturally important as current guild members are soon to be alumni members.

Alumni coordinator represents the guild either in the board or as an official, keeping discussion on-going and bringing valuable student insights to alumni. Alumni coordinator is a role for all guild members interested in developing and arranging collaborative events with the alumni. Role as an alumni coordinator is also a great chance to network with already graduated physicists.

Foreign Relations Official

The Foreign Relations Officials help the International Captain organize interdisciplinary events, and trips to other cities, interact with other mathematics and physics associations. In addition to these the officials are the right-hand people of the International Captain regarding practicalities of the guild’s attending of IntegraatioFest, the event that gathers all the students of math and physics in Finland.

Ye Old Captain of Worldwide Operations

After year in the board, the International Captain continues their work as Ye Old Captain of Worldwide Operations until the possible Wappu.

Corporate Relations Division

Corporate Relations Team member

Corporate Relations team is the group responsible of the Corporate relations of the Guild of Physics. The corporate relations have grown and gotten more diverse in the course of last few years, which means that the Corporate Relations Team member is the best place to see all the diverse companies that are willing to collaborate with the guild.

Corporate Relations Team members work with the Master of Corporate Relations to contact new companies and to maintain and develop existing cooperations. Corporate Relations Team members help to arrange excursions and other career events. Moreover the Team members help to plan and sell other kinds of deals to companies, e.g. visibility in career mails or social media. Corporate Relations Team members get also an opportunity to participate planning long or semi-long excursion with the Master of Excursions.

Maintaining and creating new corporate relations require energy, fresh ideas and bravery to try. Corporate Relations Team is excellent choice for career-oriented guild members who wish to grasp an cross-section of career opportunities for physics and mathematics students. The role also help to create contacts in working life helping your own job hunt in the future.

Master of Excursions

The Master of Excursions is primarily responsible for organizing visits to companies, i.e. mainly taking care of the practicalities. This is done in collaboration with the Master of Corporate Relations, who maintains the relations between the Guild and different companies.

The responsibilities include setting the date and time for the excursion with the company in question, opening the sign-up and promoting the excursion to guild members. Additional tasks include forwarding the attendee list to the company and leading the group on the excursion.

The role changes year by year depending on division of work between the Master of Corporate Relations and the Master of Excursions. The role gives a chance to organize company visits and offer a great opportunity for creating contacts in corporate world.

Academic Affairs Division

Academic Affairs Adjutant and QT
Academic Affairs Adjutant

The student representatives in the administrative bodies of the university, sometimes referred as the hallopeds, are central to the promotion of the interests of the guild as well as the overall activity of the study sector. They are plenipotentiary members of these administrative bodies, such as the Master’s Programme Committees, Bachelor’s Programme Committee of School of Science as well as the Academic Committee of School of Science. Anyone interested in influencing the affairs of the School of Science and the university can apply to become a halloped.

Hallopeds who serve on administrative bodies of interest to the guild are known within the guild as Academic Affairs Adjutants. As an official, the role of the Academic Affairs Adjutant is thus strongly linked to the position of the student representative. The duties of the Academic Affairs Adjutant include reporting on the meetings of their administrative body, typically in the form of summaries. In addition, they support the Master of Academic Affairs by sharing responsibility with them, for example, for maintaining the examination archive or organizing study-related events.

The QT Academic Affairs Adjutant is a similar official who represents specifically Quantum Technology students in English bachelor’s programme committee. Academic Affairs Adjutants and QT Academic Affairs Adjutants are expected to have true interest in improving their respective study program and representing their fellow students.

Student recruitment coordinator

Student recruitment coordinator is responsible of organizing the student recruitment committee of the guild. Committee consists of Student recruitment team members that present and market the Engineering Physics and Mathematics and Quantum Technologies programmes to upper secondary school students.

The official student recruitment team of the guild started in 2018, which gives the student recruitment coordinator a good chance to plan new means for attracting upper secondary school students. This has until now consisted of school visits, making a marketing video and updating presentation materials on website. Student recruitment coordinator has also remarkable role in coordinating student recruitment with other guilds and the School of Science.

Student recruitment team member

Student recruitment team member plan and execute project with the Student recruitment coordinator. Tasks in committee are diverse and ones own interest affects whether one gets to produce marketing materials of be part of live presentations on school visits and other marketing events.

Student recruitment team member requires no special skills and is well suitable for fuksis that still remember their time in upper secondary school well. The most important thing is to like to study your own subject, so you are able to suggest it for others too.

Study tutor coordinator

After ones year in the board, Master of Academic Affairs continues as (arisen) study tutor coordinator.

Fuksi Division

BIG coordinator

The BIG coordinator is responsible for recruiting the BIGs and acts as the chair of the BIG Council, which consists of BIG group leaders and the freshman captain. The BIG coordinator manages the guild’s BIGs and and keeps them motivated. The BIG coordinator also coaches and prepares the BIGs to help fuksis. Another main task for the BIG coordinator is to plan and arrange events for fuksis during the year.

The BIG coordinator also sits in AYY’s BIG Committee (ITMK) with BIG coordinators from every guild. The committee organizes lots of activities for BIGs from all the guilds, such as the BIGsitsit twice a year. The role is quite time consuming but as a reward you get an unforgettable year in friendly committee (ITMK) and an important role in teekkari education.

FuksiTiuhti and FuksiViuhti

The previous year’s Fuksi Captains continue as FuksiTiuhti and FuksiViuhti until (the potential) Wappu.


After ones term as ends in December, the BIG Coordinator continues as
BIGuncle until (the potential) Wappu.

Other Officials

Master of Spex (Spexmästaren)

The Spexmästaren is chosen for every even year only, as very even year, Fysikalen, the spex by the physics students from the Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan, visits Finland on their tour. Spexmästaren is responsible for organizing Fysikalen’s traditional visit to Finland every other year. The spexmästaren is responsible for putting together and managing the Fysikalen committee, which has various tasks, including finding accommodation for our Swedish guests and keeping them well-fed, organizing the nachspex (great after-show sitsit), selling tickets to the show and promoting it.

The most enjoyable tasks are planning the spex weekend and meeting the Swedes, whereas the hardest tasks are promoting the show and finding sponsors.

Producer of Fyysikkospeksi (Physicist spex)

Producer(s) of the Physicist spex are selected for odd years. The producer(s) is responsible of the production in different phase. Producer(s) also coordinate and recruit the volunteers for the spex. The responsible role enables the spex makers to once again make the best spex ever! Practically, producer(s) are responsible of division of responsibities and leading the ‘board’ of the spex, Politbyro. Finally, producer(s) is responsible of everything one cannot delegate forward. Producer(s) is also the first person the is contacted while trying to reach the spex. Producer(s) often work in pairs or triplets, so you won’t be left alone.

Usually, new producers are considered late in the spring, the year before the spex. Sometimes there has been ‘big bang’ to start the spex after which the board of the guild opens a call for producers and selects the most capable. In case you are interested of being the producer, you should ask the producers of earlier spexes for details.

Harassment Contact Person

Harassment contact persons will offer you support and assistance in case of a harassment situation. They can offer conversation channels and measures to all guild members who have faced harassment in any of its forms. More information can be found here.

Continuity committee

The main purpose of the members of the Continuity committee is to help the current board members of the guild. Each board member gets a mentor from the Continuity committee, and the mentor-mentee pairs meet each other regularly throughout the year unless they decide otherwise. The goal of the mentors is to support the board members in their positions but the pair can talk about other things as well. The Continuity committee was first introduced in 2021.

Honorary member committee

Honorary members have typically been named every five years during the guild’s annual ball, Fusion, and this happens next time in Fusion75. For this, a committee for finding the next honorary members has been formed. In the Honorary member committee, one can for example discuss further details concerning honorary members and interview potential candidates. Meeting interesting people and getting to know our guild’s history may just be the best part about the committee.


The guild is required to appoint two auditors for each calendar year. The auditors make sure that the guild’s finances and other administrative duties are taken care of correctly. Auditors are to be well-aware of the operations in the guild. According to legislation auditors must also be reliable persons.

Deputy auditor

Deputy auditors are selected in case that the auditors are unable to cover their responsibility.