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The Guild of Physics is the society for the Engineering Physics and Mathematics students at the Aalto University, although everyone else is welcome too. The Guild was founded in 1947 and currently has about 450 members.

The Guild offers its members a variety of activities both in Otaniemi and outside it, supervises the student members' interests, keeps in touch with other student societies of Engineering Physics and Mathematics from Finland and around the world. The Guild also cares about its members' wellbeing. The operation of the Guild is based on its members' voluntary work in the spirit of teekkari-tradition.

The Guild room is located in Otakaari 1 next to the Learning HUB on the corridor closer to Otakaari. Our alumni association, Physics Alumni, cooperates with the Guild in order to help graduated guild members maintain connections with their fellow graduates.


(1) Bacchanalia ma 16.10
(2) What the FAK? -sitsit 5.11.
(3) Shadow freshmen cruise

Guild of Physics’ election is coming! It’s time for everyone to think what would they want to do next year in the Guild and stand for election.