Guild’s communication channels

Guild has many channels to reach its members and communicate its activities to external parties. Most important ways to reach members are mailing lists and Telegram channels. External communication is done mostly through Instagram and Facebook (links are also at the bottom of the page).

Mailing lists

Weekly newsletters are sent to the mailing list FK tieto in Finnish and to FK English in English. The weekly newsletter contains information about events organized by the Guild, as well as some other interesting events chosen by the Communications Officer. Current study-related matters may also be included, as well as official meeting summons of the Guild. The mailing list includes every member of the Guild.

Information about open jobs and corporate excursions are sent to FK ura mailing list. The semi-weekly corporate news letter is compiled by Master of Corporate Relations.

Also Guild officials can be contacted through their own mailing lists. If you have anything substantial to message via these lists, contact the Communications Officer.

The mailing lists of the Guild have been made using Google groups. Inquiries about joining the mailing lists of the Guild can be sent to Any mailing list of the format can be unsubscribed by sending an email to


The Guild elections use their own chat forum Fiirumi, where every person running for the board or any Guild official task can introduce themselves. Presenting tough questions to the candidates is very much recommended.