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One hundred days to Revolution


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Ticket sale stand will be at Otakaari 1 lobby at Tue 10.10., Tue 17.10, Wed 18.10., Tue 31.10., Tue 7.11. ja Wed 15.11. during 10-14 o'clock.

Vive! - One hundred days to Revolution takes the audience to the birth of the French Revolution. A young freedom fighter Vivienne arrives in Marseille, trying to spark a seed of rebellion in the oppressed townsfolk. Standing between her and the revolution, however, is chief constable Abel Const, the law and order of Marseille, and Jacques, a fetching long-time criminal.

Can Vivienne rise up to the Ivory Tower and negotiate with the nobles ruling over the people?

Are her dreams of revolution threatened by unexpected love?

Why does Jean-Baptiste, the most miserable street urchin in all of Marseille, smile as he chews on an old shoe?

Vive! - One hundred days to Revolution a story about love and the collision of world views. What have you sacrificed for your dreams?

Shows and tickets:

Friday 20.10.2017 19.00 Finnish
Saturday 21.10.2017 16.00 Finnish
Tuesday 31.10.2017 19.00 Finnish
Wednesday 01.11.2017 19.00 Finnish
Thursday 02.11.2017 19.00 Finnish
Sunday 19.11.2017 18.00 English


Regular ticket, main floor (stalls) 20 €
Discount ticket, main floor (stalls) 15 €
Discount ticket, balcony 12 €
Patronage ticket 40 €

The cloakroom charge is included in the ticket prices.

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Kulttuuriareena Gloria, Pieni Robertinkatu 12

The show starts at 18:00 and lasts about 3 hours, including intermission. Please arrive on time, as the seats are not numbered. The musical contains loud sound effects as well as flashing colors and lights.

For groups of over 8 people we will organize seating next to each other. There is also a 10 % group discount for seats on the main floor for the first three Finnish shows and the English show. Reservations for groups and inquiries about tickets via email at

The patronage ticket includes a glass of sparkling wine or non-alcoholic equivalent, coffee and pastry during the intermission, and good seats for the show in the stalls. Discount tickets are available for students, children under 18 years, pensioners, the unemployed, and people undergoing military or non-military service. Proof of discount status must be presented if requested. The view from the discounted balcony seats might be restricted. For the best experience, we recommend seats on the main floor.

I bought a ticket but didn’t receive a confirmation message. / I’d like to exchange my ticket for another date. / I’d like to sit next to my friends, can you reserve seats for us?

If you have questions concerning tickets, contact

Do I need to print my ticket?

No need, showing your confirmation email or SMS for example on your phone suffices.

How good are the seats on the balcony?

The spex is planned to be viewed from the main floor and may look different when viewed from the balcony. The music may also sound better on the main floor, but it’s possible to enjoy the show just fine from the balcony as well.

Can anyone buy a ticket to the balcony?

For now we sell balcony tickets only to students and others with a discount status. If and when the main floor gets sold out, balcony tickets become available to everyone.

Are the seats numbered?

No, so do make sure to arrive in time at the theatre!

How early should I arrive at the theatre?

The theatre hall doors open about 30 minutes before the beginning of the show. The seats aren’t numbered, so being early is recommended. The bar opens about 45 minutes before the show. Those who bought patronage tickets have their seats reserved, but we recommend coming about half an hour early for the ticket-inclusive sparkling wine.

Is there a cloakroom charge?

The two-euro cloakroom charge is included in the price of the tickets.

I bought a patronage ticket, how do I find my seat and get my sparkling wine and pastry?

The serving of sparkling wine begins before the show in the foyer upstairs and one should arrive at the theatre about half an hour before the beginning of the show. Patronage ticket holders have reserved seats and you will be guided to your seat from the theatre hall doors. You can get your ticket-inclusive coffee or tea and pastry from the catering desk in the lobby during the intermission. If you have any special dietary requirements, please tell us at the latest 2 days before the show via email to

How is Vive! pronounced? And what does it even mean?

Vive is French and is pronounced roughly in the same manner as “give”. Vive roughly translates to “long live”.

Isn’t your plot kind of like that Les Miserables musical?

No. But if you aren’t convinced, come see for yourself!

What spex?

Spex is an interactive musical comedy created by students. The genre is characterized by its interactivity. During the play, anyone in the audience has the power to interrupt the show by shouting “Omstart!” possibly with some extra attributes, making the actors or other people on stage repeat the previous occurrences by improvising.

Are you that Teekkarispeksi?

No we are not! There are quite many spexes in Finland nowadays, and there are more than one among the students of Aalto University. Both Teekkarispeksi (engineering students in general) and KY-speksi (business students) have shows every year in the spring and the Swedish-speaking students’ union Teknologföreningen creates a spex every fifth year.

What about Fyysikkospeksi then? Are you all physicists?

Fyysikkospeksi is closely related with the physics and mathematics students’ guild, the Guild of Physics, at Aalto University. Not all of us are phycisists, though: among Fyysikkospeksi there have been many students who study something else, as well as people who have already graduated. About three quarters of the 80 people creating Vive! are people who either study or have studied engineering physics or mathematics.

Ticket sales and group reservations:
Producers Olli Halminen
Elsa Mannila  
Markus Mattila
Directors Lauri Seppäläinen
  Roope Vesterinen
Corporate relations Einari Tuukkanen