The board lead by its chairperson takes care of the Guild’s daily affairs. Each board member is in charge of their own area of responsibility both in leading the guild officials subject to them, as well as their division’s finances. In addition to this, the board collaborates in many things, such as preparing Guild meetings, organizing events together and representing the Guild. A term as a board member is first and foremost about teamwork, where one has to independently take responsibility for the many role-specific tasks.

As can be inferred, being a board member carries more responsibility, and requires more time than guild official posts. The board meets on a weekly basis, and all board roles require work done during a person’s free time. Those applying for board roles are required to commit for their one-year term completely. No board role’s workload stays the same during the whole year, as all have both more intense and quieter periods.

Here, you can find the sitting board’s proposal for the Guild’s board’s composition for the year 2021. The composition may not be final, as it is decided during the first part of the elective meeting before the Guild elects its next chairperson. Besides the proposal, guild members can present their own proposals for the next board’s composition in the meeting. If need be, there will be a vote between competing proposals.

This site includes a brief introductions to roles proposed, more detailed information of roles can be found here.


Chairperson is each board members’, guild officials’ and guild members’ mother and father, who makes sure that everybody has a wonderful time in the Guild. In practice, this requires the chairperson to motivate and coordinate the board’s decision-making and activities, which allows each board member to successfully handle their own areas of responsibility together with guild officials. The chairperson has his/her own responsibilities, such as administrative tasks, leading and assembling meetings, and collaboration with the University and other external parties’ personnel.

First and foremost, the chairperson has to keep track of their board members’ and the Guild’s activities: When and what is happening, who is in charge of and doing what. The chairperson is the last line of defense, who will fetch the keys to a sauna from AYY’s central office, makes sure that each email to the board gets answered, and the guild room stays tidy. Everything can’t be done alone, but it still has to get done.

The chairperson also has to be able to make decisions. During the board year, the chairperson will be faced with many problems with no ready-made solution available, and often they have to judge what is right in surprising and difficult situations. Luckily, almost all of these problems can be discussed with the board. It falls upon the chairperson to knit the board into a tight group, and making sure that everybody gets along all the while taking care of their own responsibilities. If nobody else takes care of business, the chairperson does. The chairperson also represents the Guild both towards its internal and external parties.

To help him/her in this role, the chairperson has the help of the Guild’s ancient and eternal chairpersons, as well as the Student Union’s committee for each special status association’s chairpersons, Neuvosto. Both of these act as important support groups and brainstorming bodies.

Vice chairperson

The vice chairperson (vice chair) is a new board role, which replaces the current secretary role. The vice chair is responsible for developing the Guild as a whole together with the chairperson. He/she also helps in the Guild’s administrative duties, and acts as the head of the Guild should the chairperson be absent. Vice chair makes sure that the decisions made in all of the Guild’s and its board’s meetings are documented accordingly in transcripts. All in all, vice chair work together with the chairperson in a manner they see fit.

The vice chair inspires, trains and holds recreational events for the guild officials. He/she makes sure that every official gets the training and guidance they require about the Guild’s activities, and is responsible for organizing recreational events for the guild officials. The vice chair also gets to develop the means with which guild officials are committed and utilized to the highest possible extent in the Guilds activities.

Vice chair is also responsible for keeping in touch with the more independent guild officials, such as Fuusio coordinators and the producers of the Physicists’ spex. He/she takes care of the guild officials’ recruiting and the founding of new guild official posts. Additionally, the vice chair takers care of the board’s closet and its contents, and coordinates the lending process of the Guild’s belonging to internal and external parties.

Vice chair offers a front row seat for all the Guilds activities regardless of the division. The role demands good collaboration skills, and it offers good chances to develop one’s project leading and delegation skills. As this is a new board role, the tasks of it will be molded during the year, which requires initiative from both the person acting in this role, and the whole board. The vice chair will be the Guild’s other representative in Aalto Student Unions committee of Teekkari culture, TKTMK, alongside the Master of Leisure.


The treasurer takes care of the Guild’s money flows and business and administration of economics. The treasurer sends guild members and collaboration parties their bills on a weekly-basis, and in turn takes care of the Guild’s invoices. Bookkeeping is another important item in the treasurer’s task list. In the beginning of the year, the treasurer acts as the economics expert when the board prepares its budget for the coming year. The treasurer is never alone, as all financial decisions will be decided with the rest of the board.

The treasurer has to keep him/herself well-informed on the Guild’s financial status at all times and check that every board member and their division uses as much money as has been allocated to them in the approved budget. This requires a lot of collaboration with the other board members and guild officials, which is why this role offers a good look through all of the Guilds activities. The work is very independent for most of the time, and the treasurer is able to affect their own working hours and methods. At the end of the year, the treasurer compiles a financial statement.

Communications Officer

The Communications Officer compiles and sends the Guild’s weekly information messages, and is responsible for the maintenance and development of the Guilds electronic services. In addition to this, he/she leads the information division, which consists of art directors, photographers, reporters and developers of the Guilds Tech Support team. Finally, he/she is responsible for the Guild’s visual outlook and social media presence.

This wide and diverse list of tasks offers the Communication Officer an opportunity to decide him/herself which will be the focus area for the coming year. The routine tasks of this role includes compiling and sending the weekly messages, updating the Guild’s websites and varying board tasks and representing the Guild. Due to this, the project-like development processes get emphasized in the Communication Officer’s role.

The ability to delegate, work independently, communicate, take initiative and develop are key to succeeding in this role. It is also recommended to have a level of interest towards websites and other technologies, and their development. The Communications Officer is able to work from his/her laptop when it best suits them, and gets to choose their own focus areas for the board year. This makes the role quite chill and customizable when it comes to board roles.

Master of Corporate Relations

Master of Corporate Relations is responsible for maintaining and developing the Guild’s ties to the corporate world. In practice, this means organizing visits to company premises, advertising the possibilities companies are offering the students of Engineering Physics and Mathematics, and fundraising through sponsorship deals.

Besides the above-mentioned, the Master of Corporate Relations also has to make sure that guild members are offered various interesting company excursions, and that the Guild’s corporate relations related events get organized. Finally, the Master or Corporate Relations maintains the Guild’s career-related email list, and makes sure that all suitable, interesting career opportunity notifications get sent to it.

The longer excursions include the half- and full-long excursions, which may be destined to other parts of Finland, or abroad. In all these, the Master of Corporate Relations collaborates with the Guild’s Master of Excursions.

This board role offers an excellent opportunity for improving the Guild’s ties with its important corporate relation parties, and a chance to develop one’s personal salesman and negotiation skills.

International Captain

The International Captain leads the Guild’s foreign affairs and maintains the Guild’s relationships towards other organizations that are located both in Otaniemi, and outside of it. The International Captain is also responsible for new exchange and master students, so that they are provided enough information about the Guild’s activities, and that they feel welcomed in the Guild. In addition to this, the International Captain recruits new international tutors both for the spring and autumn, who help him/her take care of the international students coming from abroad to study at the Engineering Physics and Mathematics study program. Similar to the Freshman Captain, the International Captain continues his/her work outside the board as a guild official until the (potential) Wappu.

The International Captain is part of the Teekkari Section’s international committee, KVTMK. The committee organizes Teekkari related events with an international twist for the whole Aalto community. Also, the International Captain collaborates closely with the other International Captain in the School of Science.

Finally, the Master of Foreign Relations acts as the Guilds representative for Integraatiofest – the annual weekend-long conference for Finland’s university students of physics and mathematics – and has responsibility for developing the Guild’s mentoring and alumni activities together with the Physics Alumni organization.

Master of Studies

The Master of Studies is responsible for the study-related lobbying of the Guild, and coordinates the study tutors’ and study division’s activities. The study division is compact and its only committee is the abi committee, which takes care of the advertisement of the Engineering Physics and Mathematics program to Finnish high-schoolers. The study adjutant acts as the Master of Studies’ right-hand and the previous year’s Master of Studies takes care of the study tutors during the spring as a Tutor shepherd.

Most of the Master of Studies’ time is spent in different university-level meetings, where his/her main task is making the students’ voice heard. The university and students don’t always see eye to eye when it comes to study-related questions, which is why getting the students involved is important for both parties. The departments involved in the Engineering Physics and Mathematics study program have real will to develop their teaching and studies, and the students’ opinions are greatly appreciated. In the meetings, the Master of Studies also gets to hear first about all the interesting initiatives taking place at the departments and the university as a whole.

The Master of Studies represents other students of the Engineering Physics and Mathematics study programme, which is why he/she has to keep in touch with them. There is a wide variety of people in the Guild with just as many different opinions, and the Master of Studies has to compose a unified message towards the university out of all of these. The Master of Studies is also the most important line of communication when it comes to transferring relevant information from the university to regular guild members, because this might sometimes be buried under several other items.

This role requires a level of diplomacy, as many problems might not have a ready-made solution available, and different parties might want different things. Thus, the Master of Studies needs to have good negotiation skills, good eye when it comes to following discussions and compromising skills. Also, a clear understanding of their personal stance is important for a Master of Studies, along with the ability to articulate this clearly in meetings in order for the made decisions to be satisfactory.

Master of Leisure

The Master of Leisure is responsible for the committee of leisure’s (Hottis) activities, which include most of the Guild’s well-being events. These include for example sauna and movie nights, and different kinds of guild room activities. In addition to this, Master of Leisure together with their apprentices of leisure brainstorm new kinds of events, which aim to increase the guild members’ awareness on the importance of physical activities and recovery amidst university studies. As the head of the committee, the Master of Leisure gets to develop his/her group leadership and delegation skills.

Besides Hottis, the Master of Leisure coordinates the Guild’s cultural and sports events together with the sports and culture coordinators. The Master of Leisure also heads the development and maintenance of the guild room’s coziness. Luckily, he/she has the guild room coordinators and guild room committee helping in this, and together they make sure that there are refreshments available and that the room stays in order. As a group effort, they aim to ensure the long-time development of the guild room.

All in all, this board role requires spontaneity, new ideas, and the ability to get others involved in throwing around ideas and excitement. In the board, the Master of Leisure has a lot of opportunities to make the board year look like his/her own both in terms of the events’ theme and other tasks. The Master of Leisure is also part of the well-being committee of AYY, HvTMK. The committee organizes recreational activities for its members, and it may offer help in Aalto Student Union’s and Teekkari Section’s events.

Host/Hostess (two people)

NOTE! Applying to host/hostess can be done individually or as a pair. If all the applications have been made as pairs, the voting will also happen between these pairs, rather than individual applicants. If there are any individual applicants, the vote will be conducted between individual applicants. The final method of voting will be decided at the meeting.


The host and hostess, more commonly known as IE, are responsible for the Guild’s bigger events. Their role is so much more than just preparing food, but also scheduling and planning events and their budgets, deciding on the decorations, taking care of the event organizing logistics, communicating to various parties, maintaining IE’s storage room, leading a committee and much, much more. There is no set division of tasks which the IE has to follow, rather they have free hands to divide responsibilities as they see fit and according to the strengths of each other, and the Butlers under them.

IE’s task force, Sisis, is composed of butlers. Sisis acts as IE’s right hand, and it is composed of some of the toughest nuts of the Guild. Sisis will be a tight knit group that is easy to enter and fun to work in during, before and after each event. Sisis has its own recreational events a few times a year, and it has close cooperation with the Grand Master of the Order of Malt, the Guild’s DJs and songleaders.

IE is also part of the IE committee of AYY. The committee gathers the IEs of each guild and larger organization, and as a committee they organize a few larger events, such as Polin Appro and Dipolin Appro. The committee is composed of like-minded individuals, which is why it is a great support and hanging around group. The IE committee is lead by the IE ringmaster.

IE is a tasking, but super rewarding role. After the year, each former IE knows loads more about event planning, food sizing, budgeting, leading a committee, scheduling and a hundred other things. There’s no bounds to the possibilities and new people you’ll meet in this role!

Freshman Captain (two people)

The Freshman Captain is responsible for raising all the Guild’s freshmen into full-fledged Teekkaris. There is enough work for one and a half years, as the Freshman Captain continues his/her work as a guild official (FuksiMikael) for the spring following his/her board year up until the (potential) Wappu. The main task is organizing freshman activities, keeping the freshmen informed and taking care of their orientation together with the University’s personnel. In 2020, the Freshman Captains will be responsible for all of the bachelor-level freshmen of the Engineering Physics and Mathematics, and Quantum Technology study programs. Thus, the captains must take into consideration the needs of foreign students when planning and organizing their events.

As their right hand, the Freshman Captain has the Tutor Coordinator, who takes care of the Guild’s tutors recruitment, training and activities. Tutor Coordinator and tutors help the Freshman Captains in welcoming the new freshmen and familiarizing them to university studies, Otaniemi and Teekkari culture.

In addition to the Guild’s board, Freshman Captains are also part of the Teekkari section’s Freshmen committee, FTMK. The committee organizes freshmen education in Otaniemi and acts as an important link between the students, AYY and the university in many instances. Also, the committee is responsible for the next Wappu, should the sitting Freshman Major decide to organize one.

The role requires a lot of time and motivation, but as a reward the elected person gets to raise a new Teekkari generation, gain immediate feedback on their actions, and familiarize themselves to both Teekkari culture and the university’s activities.