Election 2022


During this election period, the board wants to continue on the footsteps of the previous board in making sure that the atmosphere around elections stays nice and relaxed.

The main platform for elections is Fiirumi, where one can find the full-sized election sheet, introductions of the applicants, and area for all the questions..

Applying to board or official 2023

How can you apply for official

Applying for official can be done in following way:

  1. Read about official positions here here. Board position descriptions can be found here.
  2. To apply for an official position, fill this form. If you want to apply for multiple positions, fill the form for each position separately.
  3. Write your name to the physical election sheet found at the guild room, which has already become a tradition spanning thousand years.
  4. Apply at latest 11.12. Note! Application period to become a butler, an apprentice of leisure and student recruitment team member closes on 20.11. already. Application period for Possible wappu chief and N-coordinator closes on 21.11.
  5. If there is competition for some positions, board of 2023 decides on whom are chosen for the positions.

If you are applying to board or an official position that is chosen at elections

Applying for board occurs in the same way as applying for officia, so follow parts 1-3 of the instructions found above. Written application for president ends at 31.10. klo 16:15, and written application for other board positions and official positions that are chosen at elections (can be seen below) ends at 7.11. klo 16:15.

In addition to filling the form, it is wished that applicants write an introduction. Introductions are written to Fiirumi, where you can find instructions regarding the instructions.
The maximum word count for the Finnish texts is 400 words (except 700 words for applicants for Presidents – and you can always write more briefly), and guild members should be able to get to know the applicants through their texts. If you write your text only in English instead of Finnish and then translating to English, the maximum word count is 600 (1100 for applicants for President).

The following positions are interviewed at election panels and chosen at election meetings:


  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Master of Corporate Relations
  • Communications Officer
  • Master of Academic Affairs
  • Host (2)
  • Master of Leisure
  • Fuksi Captain (2)
  • International Captain


  • BIG coordinator
  • Head editor of Kvantti
  • President of continuity committee
  • Master of excursions
  • Songmaster


Applicants are chosen in election meeting. The first part of the election meeting will be held at lecture hall E at Undergraduate center at 1.11. starting at 16.15, and a new president for the guild will be chosen here. The rest of the board positions and the official positions described above will be chosen at the second part of the election meeting, held on lecture hall E at Undergraduate center at 8.11. starting at 16.15. The regular members of the guild can use their vote on election meeting.

Before election meetings two election panels will be held. Election panel is relaxed event, where applicants can tell more about themselves and the audience can present questions. The first election panel for president applicants is held on 31.10., while on the second election panel held on 7.11. discussions for the other positions will be held. The panels are lead by unbiased moderator, who chooses questions from the audience, keeps the atmosphere relaxed, and makes sure that schedule holds.

31.10. – First election panel – Questions for president applicants – Hall U7 16:15.

1.11. – First part of the election meeting – Electing the president – Hall E 16:15

7.11. – Second election panel – Questions for positions that are chosen in elections – Hall E 16:15.

8.11. – Second part of the election meeting – Electing the other positions – Hall E 16:15

20.11. – Application period to become a butler, an apprentice of leisure, and student recruitment official ends

11.12. – Application period for other official positions ends

Final words

Election period is certainly new and exciting time for all the applicants, so let’s make sure that the election atmosphere is good for everyone! If you are interested about applying for some positions, ask the current official/board member – they have best knowledge of the true nature of the role. And finally, of course – let’s make these an election.