Master of Studies
Aleksanteri Paakkinen
Studies Adjutant
Saara Vestola

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The purpose of the Studies Division of the Guild of Physics is to formulate the guild's policies of educational affairs, monitor the prevailing weaknesses in studies related matters and prepare suggestions to fix them as well as monitor the development of the degree, teaching content and teaching methods in our study program.

The Studies Division concentrates on protection of interest. Participating in meetings and other influence is to ensure that the student voice is heard in university administration and the conditions for learning are maintained.

If you want to give feedback about a course, contact Master of Studies or use this form.

In addition to protection of interests, the Studies Division offers a number of services to support studying. These include, for example, the shadow study guide, tutors, LaTeX training and the studies committee. The Studies Division also arranges studies related activities for guild members, if necessary.

Master of Studies

The Master of Studies is a member of the guild's board and leads the Studies Division. The most important part of the job is taking care of student advocacy, and the Master of Studies is usually a student representative in several of the committees of the School of Science. He or she takes also part in the Study Council of AYY, which discusses university-wide study affairs. As the leader of the Studies Division, the Master co-ordinates the work of the Studies Secretary and study tutors, and organizes the Studies Committee. The Master of Studies also organizes study-related events and keeps the guild members well informed about important study affairs.

Studies Secretary

The Studies Secretary is the right hand / left foot / other additional limb of the Master of Studies. He or she helps the Master of Studies in advocacy related matters and organizing the services and events of the Studies Division.

Study Tutors 

The Study Tutors are older students giving general study counselling to freshmen at the beginning of their studies. The counselling is organized together with the Degree Programme in Engineering Physics and Mathematics. A list of study tutors can be found on the Into page in Finnish.

Student Representatives

The student representatives (so-called "hallopeds") in University administration participate in discussions and meetings of various committees. There are physicist representatives in the Academic Committee of Science, the Bachelor Degree Programme Committee of Science and the Degree Programme Committee of Engineering Physics and Mathematics. For more information and an up-to-date list of the representatives, see the student union website.

Studies Committee

The Studies Committee is an informal discussion group meeting about once a month at the guild room. It discusses topical academic affairs and education policy. All are welcome to talk, listen, or maybe just complain about a badly-organized course.