Master of Studies
Aleksanteri Paakkinen
Studies Adjutant
Oskari Kivinen

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If you have anything to ask about the guild's academic advocacy, contact the Master of Studies.

The administration of universities is organized so that the three main groups of the university community, 1) professors, 2) other researchers, teachers and staff, and 3) students each have a representation in the administrative organs. The student representatives are chosen by the Student Union (details here). They are full members of the committees and are entitled to vote except when handling degrees. Each student representative has a personal vice representative.

The goal of advocacy is that the students' point of view and interests are taken into account when making decisions. The guild does this not only by student representation, but also by meeting people unofficially. The committees with student representatives that are most important for the guild's members' studies are listed below. A full list of student representative positions can be found at the AYY website.

Academic Committee of Science

The Academic Committee of Science handles the big picture of academic affairs in the School of Science. It approves for example the curricula of the school. It has fourteen members, of which six are professors, four are other staff, and four are students. Typically there is one student representative from each of the four degree programs (and corresponding guilds) in the School of Science.

Bachelor Degree Programme Committee of Science

The Bachelor Degree Programme Committee of Science has four student representatives, one from each degree programme (and guild). It discusses matters related to the bachelor degree programmes of the School.

Degree Programme Committee of Engineering Physics and Mathematics

The Degree Programme Committee has three student representatives. It makes for example presentations for the degree requirements and curriculum of the degree programme to the Academic Committee.