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Here are the job descriptions of the guild officials. You can find their contact information here Guild Officials.

Internal Division

The Grand Master of the Order of Malts

The Grand Master is chosen by the secret trials of the Order.

Fuusio coordinators

Fuusio coordinators are responsible for organizing the most awesome and glamorous event of the year, The Guild of Physics anniversary. Their responsibilities include the budget, menu and so forth.  
Previous experience and good organizational skills are recommended. With their own committee, and the help of the Board, the Fuusio coordinators make the best party of the year happen.


Butler help the hosts of the Guild in organizing most of the events of the Guild. Among other things, they act as cooks and waiters/waitresses at almost every sitsit and help out with other basic stuff. As a butler, you get to see how it all gets done, from the set up to the cleaning after the afterparty.


The songleaders make sure, that events, especially the sitsit and guild anniversaries, are filled with touching/funny/silly songs. A strong voice, musical skills and a talent for interesting/funny/strange stories are recommended for this job. Don't be afraid though, the more experienced songleaders are eager to help the newcomers.


The DJ brings the beat to the party, working mostly at the afterparties of sitsit. The job is pretty free-form, skills in mixing and higher music-magic are not necessary. The most important part is getting something better than the usual list hits and blasting away. Sometimes there's a need for something out of the ordinary, and sometimes some good pop music is all the audience needs. Playlists are okay, live performances are even better.

Sports coordinators

The sports coordinators make sure that the guild members don't spend all their time in front of their computers. They set up sports events for guild members and sometimes organize sports excursion according to their interests and effort. They also take part in the meetings of LTMK, a committee for sports coordinators form all the guilds.

Culture coordinators

The most important part of the job is organizing culture events, from theatre and cinema excursions to interesting art galleries and events. The culture coordinator also helps with organizing other events of the committee of leisure.

Apprentices of leisure

Apprentices of leisure are members of the committee of leisure, which is responsible for both the guild room and setting up relaxing events for the guild members. There's lots to do at the guild room, so this job is a natural choice if you love to hang around there. The job includes organizing culture and sports events, relaxing sauna evenings and programme for all kinds of parties.


ManManMan takes care ManMan, the dance group of the Guild. He/She sorts out the rehearsal time tables, gigs, finances, not forgetting the music and coreography. Of course, ManManMan doesn't have to do all this alone.

Studies Division

The Secretary of Studies

The Secretary is the right hand of the Master of Studies, and has a crucial role in running the Studies  division. Both the Secretary and the Master are responsible for the exam archives, shadow study guide and upper secondary school info sessions, although they may share and delegate these duties as they see fit. He/She is also a member of the studies committee of the guild, and should act as student representative in the administrative bodies and the working groups of Aalto University.

Student Representatives

The student representatives act as full members of several administrative committees of the School of Science, e.g. the education committee (TFM-KN) and the degree programme committee (TFM-KOKA). They are also members of the studies committee of the guild.

Information Division

WWW operator

The WWW operator provide IT support for the Communications Officer and work hard to improve and maintain the website of the Guild. The operators set up sites and sign-ups for the big events of the year, such as Fuusio.

Hardware operators

Maintaining the PCs at the guild room is the main responsibility of the hardware operators. This includes necessary software and hardware updates/replacements etc.

The Gallerist

The gallerist maintains the photo gallery of the Guild and makes sure that the great events   don't go uncaptured. He/She also provides the www operators with fresh and fun photos to be used on the website. The photo gallery can be found here.

The Photographer

The photographer captures the memorable the most important events of the Guild.

The AD

The post of the AD offers a chance to fulfill your artistic ambitions in the service of the Guild. The job includes designing posters and different graphic design projects.

Editor in Chief, Kvantti

The Editor in Chief is responsible for running the guild magazine. He/She organizes meetings for planning the themes, articles and other content of the magazine, designs the page layout/delegates it to a reporter and sends the final form to the printing company. He/She also maintains the website of the magazine.

An open mind and a whole lot of whacky and funny ideas are all that's required for this job. Good organizational skills will help with delegating some of the jobs, but using InDesign and maintaining the website aren't as hard as they sound. Creating a good team spirit is very important, as it makes planning much easier.

The Editor in Chief also takes part in the meetings of PTMK, a committee for the Editors in Chiefs of all the guild magazines.

Reporters, Kvantti

The planning of Kvantti isn't the job of the Editor in Chief alone; the reporters have a lot of autonomy when it comes to their articles. They also get to voice their opinions a lot in the meetings.

A good attitude and some writing skills are recommended, but hardly necessary.
Getting along with the other reporters and great, silly ideas are the most important part of the job.

Foreign Relations Division

Master of Excursions

The Master of Excursions is primarily responsible for organizing visits to companies, i.e. mainly taking care of the practicalities. This is done in collaboration with the Master of Corporate Relations, who maintains the relations between the Guild and different companies.

The responsibilities include setting the date and time for the excursion with the company in question, opening the sign-up and promoting the excursion to guild members. Additional tasks include forwarding the attendee list to the company and leading the group on the excursion.

There are typically around 20 excursions per year to companies, preferably from a wide variety og different fields. This post offers a great chance to network and learn a lot about different companies.


A Spexmästaren is chosen for every even year only!

Every even year, Fysikalen, the spex by the physics students from the Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan, visits Finland on their tour. Spexmästaren is responsible for organizing Fysikalen’s traditional visit to Finland every other year. The spexmästaren is responsible for putting together and managing the Fysikalen committee, which has various tasks, including finding accommodation for our Swedish guests and keeping them well-fed, organizing the nachspex (great after-show sitsit), selling tickets to the show and promoting it.

The most enjoyable tasks are planning the spex weekend and meeting the Swedes, whereas the hardest tasks are promoting the show and finding sponsors.

Trade Union Liaison

The trade union coordinator is responsible for maintaining and developing collaboration between the guild and TEK (Tekniikan Akateemiset - Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland), which is a trade union for engineering graduates. TEK offers its members several services, such as magazines and guides, work-related counselling, and career, recruitment and internationalization opportunities. Additionally, members of TEK also enjoy a wide insurance coverage.

Traditionally the post includes promoting TEK and its services, preparing statements and staying in contact with TEK. However, you are rather free to come up with your own projects, which TEK is often willing to support both financially and otherwise. Recruiting guild members to join TEK, however, is not part of the job. TEK organizes a training for the new coordinators and also offers a wide variety of fun activities from bowling to beach volley.

Alumni liaison

The Physicist Alumni is an association for engineering physics and mathematics graduates. The liaison represents the guild and the younger generation of engineering physics and mathematics majors in the board of the Physicist Alumni. The post offers an excellent chance to network with older and more experienced physicists.


After his term ends in December, Master of Foreign Relations continues as Pitbull until Wappu.

Freshman Division

Tutor Coordinator

The tutor coordinator is responsible for recruiting the tutors and acts as the chair of the Tutor Council, which consists of tutor group leaders and the freshman captain. The tutor coordinator manages the guild’s tutors and and keeps them motivated.

The tutor coordinator also sits in AYY’s Tutor Committee (ITMK) with tutor coordinators from every guild. The committee organizes lots of activities for tutors from all the guilds, such as the ISOsitsit twice a year.

Freshman Gabriel

After his term ends in December, Freshman Captain continues as Freshman Gabriel until Wappu.

Big A

After his term ends in December, Tutor Coordinator continues as Big A until Wappu.

Swine Division


The archivist takes care of the guild’s archives, which contain e.g. administrative documents, old posters and all sorts of interesting memorabilia.


The guild is required to appoint two auditors for each calendar year. The auditors make sure that the guild’s finances and other administrative duties are taken care of correctly.

Deputy Auditor

Act as deputies to auditors in case their absence.