Master of Foreign Relations
Jan Harkonen
Freshman Captain
Emma Jarvinen
Tutor Coordinator
Mimi Mokka

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As a freshman in the Guild of Physics

The Guild of Physics is one of 14 Guilds working under AYY. In our Guild the freshmen are taken care of by a freshman captain with the help of tutors. International students, on the other hand, will be taken care of by master of foreign relations and international tutors. On the AYY level the freshmen education is a responsibility of the freshmen committee which is made up of the freshman captains of all guilds and TF. The freshmen committee is led by freshman colonel.

Freshman groups

The physicist freshmen are divided into freshman groups of about 10 people before the beginning of the school . In addition of the freshmen these groups include a few ISOs (tutors). During the first days the tutors will show you Otaniemi ja show you how to work in Aalto. You can ask them anything. They also organize meetings where you get to know the other freshmen and the ISOs of your group and perhaps the other groups also.

With your freshman group you also get to know your teacher tutors. Each group is assigned a few tutors and one of them will be your personal tutor whom you will meet two times a year during the first two years. This way you will get to know the teaching personnel and you will get an excellent chance to ask about tutor's laboratory, research, major or anything else.

In addition to teacher tutor our Guild also offers a student tutor service. The difference with them is that student tutors are normal, a bit older, students who have a good view to these things. Student tutors organize nice conversational sessions and help you with all studies and how to get around in Otaniemi -stuff.

Freshman point notebook

In the beginning of Autumn you will get a freshman point notebook in which you can collect points during the year. Get enough points and you will get a teekkari-cap the next 1st of May. Not only it is a great feeling standing with your fellow students on a sunny morning waiting for you turn to get the cap but filling the notebook is also very fun. At the same time you will get to know all kinds of activities provided by Aalto University, AYY, the Guild and Otaniemi. You will get to know teekkari-culture and meet lots of new people. The points are awarded for attending parties, completing some studies and even for donating blood.

The notebooks are given on the first day at Kiljava but if you miss it or a blind captain passes you you will get a notebook by asking. You don't have to carry the notebook all the time: you can ask me for points whenever you meet me! You shouldn't get stressed for the points for the points seem to be coming from every direction if you're even a bit interested.


You will get your teekkari-cap the day before 1st May in exchange for a certificate of non-impediment and a receipt. You will get your certificate from your freshman captain before the 1st May if you have collected enough points in your notebook. Without the certificate you you will get your cap from the secretariat after Mother's day.

The brand new cap is allowed to be worn first time 1st May 00.00. More info about using the cap can be found at AYY's page of emblems (in Finnish). Instructions how to order the cap will come later.


Each one of Otaniemi's guilds has unique overalls. The physicist's ones are off-white and have the fii-logo of the Guild on the back. Each each year the freashmen will get their sponsors theirselves so the different year's students can be distiguished quite easily from their overalls solely.

More info about getting the sponsors can be found at the Committees-page. Info about the overalls and their history can be found from the home-site of legendary 3M