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Always remember that you will find everything related to studies from the study guide booklet and other official documents found on this site (in Finnish)

Starting your studies

A piece of advice: the courses in Mathematics and Physics require a lot of work and this will surprise most of the students coming from upper secondary school. The amount of information is big and it's supposed to be adopted quickly: going through the whole area for the exam might take dozens of hours. A proper discipline and a long-term way of studying is worth adapting fast because a job well done in time will save time and your nerves. Studies and the leisure time won't however rule out each other, even in the university.

You will get an example of a timetable for the Autumn on your first days. It is recommended to take the basic courses in mathematics and physics and probably also in programming. it has listed some advanced courses fit for students of engineering physics and mathematics but there are no restrictions which courses you can take.

Getting adapted to the new environment should be done before taking too many courses. Some nice extra courses may in reality take way too much time. In this situation you should take a moment and think how are you going to do? Getting all the basic courses well done or will you try to barely get through everything.

Try to learn to work in groups. When there's more that one person doing difficult tasks you will learn more and faster. The older students will also give you precious pieces of information when your skill just won't do. In the middle of all this it's crucial to hold to the enthusiasm which made you to come here. Friends, company and laboratory visits and meeting the graduated students will motivate you to study for yourself and for your shining future.

Courses for the freshmen in the Autumn

T-106.1111 Johdatus opiskeluun ja tietojärjestelmiin Aalto yliopistossa (2 op)

Known as the "Shovel", this course will go through a lot of useful info needed in starting your studies. This info includes studying customs and lectures from supportive organizations. Aalto university data systems are also gone through including usage of UNIX, e-mail and office software.

Mat-1.1010 Matematiikan peruskurssi L1 (10op)

One of the loveliest courses of the first year: 14 hours of mathematics in a week: lectures at 8 AM from Tuesday to Friday, two practice groups and one computer practice a week. The cource will go through including but not limited to: vectors, complex numbers, sequences, series and differential calculus. It's good to learn how to spell difficult names: Cauchy, Lipschitz....

Tfy-0.1011 Fysiikka 1 (4op)

The first course in physics will go through the birth of modern physics to patch holes left by classical physics. The course will give a glimpse of all kinds of physical consepts from the point of view of scientific theory's evolution. One exercise a week will focus on the phenomena of modern physics while the other will teach mathematical tools needed in physics.

Tfy-0.1011 Fysiikka 2 (4op)

The second physics course will make use of the first courses mathematical methods in the problems of basic mechanics. You will get to know sliding and rolling body, (non-)elastic collisioins between particles, harmonical oscillators and other classical examples.

T-106.1210 Ohjelmoinnin peruskurssi, osa 1 (5op)

Programming skills are part of every Master of Science's education and you will encounter them as soon as the first Autumn. It will teach the basics of programming with Python-language. The course will be started with a very basic level and everyone should be able to survive the assignments. The number of the assignments however is quite large and the course may be one of the Autumns most laborious.