Master of Foreign Relations
Jan Harkonen
Freshman Captain
Emma Jarvinen
Tutor Coordinator
Mimi Mokka

Killan partnerit








The freshmen will form during the year all kinds of committees to take care of things affecting themselves. The committees also give a lot a freshman points making it worth time spent.

Overalls committee

Overalls are the representative clothing of teekkaries and this year's freshmen will also have to get them. The overalls however are not free and sponsors are needed to get them. This is the main purpose of this year's overalls committee. The committee is coordinated by  Ismo Heikkinen (ismo.heikkinen(öh), 040 5537104) and Joonas Vauhkonen (joonas.vauhkonen(öh), 050 5256138).

If you know companies which would like to be sponsors, contact us now. The committee will be formed in the beginning of September to get the overalls before the freshmen's first excursion.

Christmas party committee

Traditionally the Guild's Chrismas party is organized by the freshmen. It is held this year 14.11, the same day the Guild has election meeting. The party will be held at seaside sauna and all kinds of jobs need someone to them!

Freshmen register committee

The purpose of this committee is to stitch together a writed output of their own year. The committee will make decisions how their magazine will look, what's inside it and everything. The committee will need members with any kind of skills needed making a magazine. This committee will be formed during the autumn but not during the first few weeks.

Annihilation committee

Also known as BarPartyCommittee (baaribiletoimikunta, BB-tmk in Finnish). Annihilation is a party traditionally organized by physicist-freshmen and has been very profitable and popular. Let's make the same happen in Spring 2013! Everyone interested in organizing a party, come with us!

[Insert your own committee here]

If you have a great idea needing to be put into action, go ahead! Above mentioned Annihilation was completely organized by 2008 freshmen and was a total success.