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Engineering Physics and Mathematics, one of the most demanding degree programmes at Aalto University prepares selected and ambitious young students to match both academic and industrial challenges as professional problem solvers.

The Guild of Physics, a non-profit organization, provides a variety of opportunities in the form of events for relaxation and networking to compensate for the students' exhausting schedules. By supporting our Guild, your corporation gets a chance to convey a favourable impression of itself to the future corporate experts while, in return, we are able to further diversify our yearly activities. Please contact Guild's Master of Corporate Relations This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can make a suitable package for your enterprise!

The Spring Semester

The Career Workshop is an excellent occasion for recruiting summer interns and finding potential long term employees. The event consists of sharp presentations followed by a casual dinner for laid-back conversation among students and corporate representatives.

Our anniversary,"Fusion", is our guild's most anticipated and prestigious event. The celebrations never fall short of ravishing glamour and brilliant spectacles. Corporate participation not only provides visibility for the Guild of Physics, but also for active members of Aalto University's other student organizations. In the past our partners have held stunning speeches at both the cocktail party and the main dinner.

The Freshmen Yearbook marks the end of a memorable first year of studying. Hence it is an exceptional chance to advertise and gain visibility for freshmen related opportunities. Good impressions are remembered and carry on through the following years.

The Autumn Semester

Physicist Spex is like a fresh breeze and a solid display of our creative side. On odd numbered years, the Guild of Physics performs its very own Physicist Spex. On even years, the students from Stockholm Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan visit and present their own spex, the Fysikalen. This year, 2015, Guild of Physics produces again spex in which one can enjoy musical theatre with improvisation, deep knowledge of theatre technique, and powerful drama. The Physicist Spex is currently the best, first and only bilingual spex! In addition to the Finnish showings the production is also presented in English. Stockholm is toured as well. This is a great opportunity to support both culture and students!

Our overalls are worn with great pride dignity at numerous events for many years. Company logos are best promoted when exposed in social gatherings on the white overalls.

All Year

Guild room is the heart of our community. It is the place of choice for studying, gathering and relaxing for our students and participating in its furnishing could result in a permanent reminder of a corporation's good will. Carved logos and brass plates are outstanding options.

Excursions allow our students to come to you! A successful excursion conveys the best possible impression of your company as a future employer, while also providing unforgettable experiences to both new and older physicists.