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Fuusio (Fusion) is the anniversary gala of the Guild of Physics, the most prestigious event of the Guild. It is held every year on the Saturday closest to the birthday of Albert Einstein, the 14th of March. Fuusio brings together active members of the Guild, both past and present, and it is the culmination of the anniversary week, full of exciting events for physics students and everyone else, too!

In spite of its prestigious nature, the annual gala should not be dull or too solemn: celebrating and having fun are the most important parts of the evening. The ball starts with a cocktail hour, where the guests can present their gifts to the Guild and enjoy amusing speeches. Refreshing drinks and delicious hors d’oeuvres will also be served. After the cocktail hour, it is time for the annual ball dinner. The three-course dinner will be accompanied with traditional songs, speeches and exciting performances. Diligent members of the Guild will also be awarded decorations of the Guild. The dinner ends with a traditional ball. After the dinner, buses will take the excited party-goers to the after party held at a secret location, where the night gets wild. The sillis, a traditional hangover (herring) brunch, will offer everyone a chance to recover the following day.

Fuusio is not unlike other anniversary galas with its dress code: white tie or formal suit with academic decorations and sashes. The Guild of Physics has its own sash, which all members are eligible to wear.