Master of Leisure
Velma Pohjonen

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Suspension files

The anonymous suspension files are located in the study room of guild room. You can leave stuff for other people to collect from there by telling them the right number of file. The members of the Board also have suspension files of their own.


The study room has four Aalto IT computers meant for studying and other projects. Two of them are equipped with an Ubuntu OS and two with Windows 7. They have a wide range of programs including Latex, Photoshop and Matlab.

For leisure, the living room has two computers. The older one, the so called “Pentis-computer”, has an old MS-DOS operating system and is mainly used for playing Pentis, a variant of Tetris with a long history with the Guild. The other is a modern PC with a Windows 8 OS, mainly used for playing music, browsing the internet and checking e-mail etc. The Wifi networks offered by the university, aalto open and eduroam, can be used normally at the guild room.

The IT in the living room is maintenanced by the hardware operator. Any feedback and questions about the IT should be directed to him/her. Additionally, if you wish to donate old hardware etc. to the Guild, please contact the hardware operator.


It is impossible to read through all the readable stuff at the guild room. The bookshelf is full of interesting books, and the magazine container includes also some older humour publications. There are also articles of all the yearly publications of the guild in the guild room, such as the Freshman guide.

The magazines ordered to the guild room:

  • Donald Duck (in Finnish)
  • Kvantti - The best of the guild magazines
  • The guild magazines of other guilds
  • Time

There is also individual pieces of some other magazines, such as Scientific American and Image from the last years.


Fridge, microwave oven and hotplate are useful for preserving and heating your packed lunch, when you have to spend a lot of time studying. There is also a coffee maker and water boiler and supplies for making coffee and tea. The coffee and tea are costfree for the members of the guild. You can also keep a cup of your own at the guild room.