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In the 60s, the guild room was located in Dipoli, from where it was relocated to the facilities of the Department of Applied Physics. Between ‘77 and ‘79, it was located in the room U118 of Otakaari 1, after which it was again relocated, this time to Otakaari 3. After almost three decades, the guild room was moved again: the new one in Kone building, Otakaari 4, opened its doors in 2008 and was in use until 2013, after which it was relocated once more. At the moment, the guild room is located in the basement of the Undergraduate Center, Otakaari 1.

Traditional guild room hacks

The freshmen of the Chemistry Guild and the Guild of Physics used to play pranks on each other’s guild room. These pranks took place every year before the annual “Lumisota” (“snowball fight”) in February.

The water cup prank by the Guild of Chemistry

The prank of year 2005, viewed from the door. In addition to the water cups, the letters KK (Kemistikilta, the Guild of Chemistry) were written on the big table with cups filled with juice.

2013 Best of guild room hacks
The chemists recreated a large number of previous pranks from gay bar -themed toilets to plastic cups filled with water.
2012 Trap
The lights of the guild room were sabotaged; the strip light were turned the wrong way around, the light bulbs were taken off and hid in the guild room (the cache has still not been found). The darkness was booby trapped with eg. fishing lines. The disarming of this trap was made difficult by the lack of blade tools. In addition, the toilet papers were exchanged to sandpaper, which made the staff members of the department expectionally happy.
2011 MURDER!
In the dawn after the prank, a lone physicist was found stabbed in the back at the guild room. Every piece of furniture had been stolen to avoid leaving any fingerprints behind. Later, the detectives of the Guild were able to find the lost furniture, which had been dumped in front of lecture hall M.
2010 Cable ties
In 2010, every item at the guild room, no matter how big or small, had been attached to each other using cable ties. Additionally, the living room was full of criss-crossing ropes.
2009 Ball pit
The guild room had turned into a massive ball pit overnight. The twist was that the ball pit was also full of pink glitter, which could be found in Konetalo and the homes of guild members months after the prank.
2008 Pitkäranta-mobile
The ultimate classic of literature, “Laaja matematiikka 1” by Prof. Juhani Pitkäranta, had been ravaged and turned into a mobile, which was found hanging from the ceiling of the living room.
2007 Gay bar
The freshmen were inspired by a older prank executed by physicists a few years before, and turned the men’s toilet into a night club full of manly love.
2006 Plastic wrap
Fifteen hundred meters of plastic wrap was used the make sure everything at the guild room stays fresh.
2005 Water cups
Every horizontal surface in the guild room was paved with plastic cups full of water.
2004 Sauna
An air humidifier, a heat gun and additional sauna props made sure the atmosphere was sweaty.
2003 Biohazard
Warning signs, nuclear waste and a disturbingly dangerous-looking barrel were found at the guild room.
2002 Romantic prank
The guild room was filled with hearts and corny poster about love.
2001 It’s snowing!
The surprising phenomenon of snowing indoors was observed at the guild room.
1999 Fire extinguishing system
A case of beer was found glued to the ceiling of the guild room. A bottle opener was found next to the fire extinguisher.
1997 Australian kindergarten
Among other things, a sandbox had been glued to the ceiling.