Master of Leisure
Velma Pohjonen

Killan partnerit








The guild room, also know as Kiltis in Finnish is the living room of the guild members. You can spend your time between lectures or at the end of the day there relaxing, reading magazines or chatting with other people. The guild room is open for all members of the guild. It is also an excellent place to ask for help about exercises. Just come to visit for your first or hundredth time!

The guild room is located at the Bachelor Building (Otakaari 1) next to Learning Hub on the hallway closer to Otakaari near the 24h access door. The guild room is open whenever the building is and outside those hours the guild room can be accessed by people with keys, for example the bord of the guild. 

Apprentices of Leisure take care of the guild room. If you think something is wrong, just contact them.



Clean up all your own mess!

Once a month or two a bigger cleaning event will be arranged at the guild room, when it is necessary. The event is arranged by the Master of Leisure with his Journeymen and volunteer people. The event will be announced in the calendar and news. Everybody is welcome to the cleaning events!

The furniture of guild room is maintained by the Commission of Good Feeling. The furnishings are changed during the cleaning events or when more furniture is donated to the guild.