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The treasurer is responsible for everyday financial matters of the Guild, such as paying the bills and so forth. However, the annual budget is decided by the annual general meeting of the Guild, and it serves as a framework for the financial decisions of the Guild's board. Discuss your plans and estimated expenses with a board member always beforehand.

F.A.Q about expenses and other important stuff

I used my own money to organize an event for the Guild, or something similar – can I get my money back?

  • Discuss your plans and estimated expenses with a board member beforehand – otherwise we cannot guarantee anything.
  • If you've lost the receipt(s), contact the treasurer and ask for instructions; it'll help if you have someone to vouch for you.

How do I fill out a reimbursement form?

  • Since April 13th 2018 we've been using digital expense reimbursement form which can be found here.
  • Write your name, your bank account number (IBAN) and the reason for the expenses.
  • Write down a short description of every receipt and their totals.
  • If you paid by cash, round the total of a receipt to the nearest five cents, if necessary.
  • Mark down the number of receipt and staple them to upper right corner of the form’s backside.
  • Write down the date and sign the form.

I'm ordering something from a company – what should I do with the invoice?

  • Discuss the order with a board member beforehand.
  • Be careful with VAT and shipping fees – some companies don't include them in their prices
  • The billing address is Fyysikkokilta / PL 69 / 02151 ESPOO

I won the lottery, and I really want to donate all of my winnings to the Guild – how do I do that?

The Guild is poor and payments with no reference number cost money, so if the matter is urgent, use the reference number 314. However, it is better to contact the treasurer. The account number of the Guild's bank account is FI12 6601 0001 0618 94.

The Guild will not pay.